You have not reached this site in error! If you've reached this site, it means you care about the earth, animals and your health! Welcome to No Moo Food! A site dedicated to bringing vegan and gluten-free food and snacks to the public. Allow us to introduce to you our first product-No Moo Crisps-vegan and gluten-free crisps that come in a variety of flavors. These Crisps can be enjoyed on their own, with a cup of coffee or dipped in your favorite yogurt, pudding or ice cream. They will replace your spoon! Our Crisps are so good, instead of saying mmmm-mmmm, they'll have you saying No-Moo!


P. S. Cows love our product!


Phone: (818) 929-8848


No Moo Food a new delicious, delightful snack!


To order our delicious crisps or for inquiry about our products please contact us or call (818) 929-8848.